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About Us

the workshop offers the work of long-time skilled craftmen led by the maestro romolo felice who has a knowledge that crosses over fifty years of history during which he has actively worked togheter with well-known artists.
all works in catalog are selected and cared by andrea felice, restorer and mouldmaker.

the making of a plaster cast and the reproduction of a sculpture need a deep knowledge of the ancient job of the mould maker. from the moulding on the original work of art, through the casting of the copy, up to the final retouch and to the patina, each work step is very delicate. preserve all details of the sculpture, respecting the hand of the sculptor and the time action, is our first goal. we hope that everyone can appreciate the beauty of our casts. only with our great passion for this craftmanship, the practice of the art, the love for plaster and the long experience in the works of art we can make works of rare beauty and quality.  every finished replica is an unique piece made on purpose by italian artisan experts on your application. each piece is specifically made on order with traditional handicraft techniques.

thanks to the attention during the workmanship and to the great care in choice of the materials, our works can be compared with originals or accompanied within a collection of antique works of art.
time gives charm and dignity to the sculptures; through the dust and the oxidations the objects tell it own history. we hope our works will be enriched by the dust of the years to reach the future and belong to the past.

best collaborations:

emilio ambron • masaru bando • duilio cambellotti • aldo caron • piero casentini • giorgio de chirico • vittorio di colbertaldo • carl d'alvia • aurelio de felice • giuseppe ducrot • pericle fazzini • joan fitzgerald • giuseppe gallo • egidio giaroli • alba gonzales • emilio greco • paolo guiotto • jeff koons • ernesto lamagna • giacomo manzù • p. andrea martini • charles o. perry  oliviero rainaldi • peter rockwell • otello scatolini • lello scorzelli • ennio tesei • cy twombly • guido veroi • jack zajac

carmelo bene •  federico fellini • dante ferretti • enrico job

galleria d'arte moderna di roma • musei capitolini • museo della civiltà romana • museo delle cere di roma • museo etrusco di villa giulia • museo nazionale romano • scavi di ostia antica • musei vaticani museum fur abdusse klassischer bildwerke munich  british museum london • the ashmolean museum oxford